As collectors witnessed in 2016, ONLINE EXCLUSIVE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS SETS are Topps' new favorite toy, and they show no signs of slowing down in 2017!

Throughout the year Topps will continue to release specific event-themed sets, and make them available for a limited amount of time (24 hrs, 48 hrs, etc).

Some are tied to the American As Apple Pie In Your Face Series, the Trashy TV Series, ADAM-GEDDON, and some are stand-alone releases that were not part of a major series release. However ALL of the releases were released as 'On-Demand' series, meaning that Topps only printed up as many sets as were purchased during the on-sale window.

NOTE: Topps also saw the opportunity to release more products online ($$$$) and sold exclusive poster sets, postcard sets, 1/1 artwork, and more. THIS section deals exclusively with the card sets that were sold online.

Please use the QUICKLINKS to view all of the unique subsets sold exclusively on the Topps website!!