Between 1985 and 1986, Placo Toys released a few collectibles based on the Garbage Pail Kids stickers, easily recognizable by their use of bright green packaging. Their products were very unique (and did not duplicate any of the efforts of Imperial Toys, etc).

The most commonly found toys were the card collectors case, stamp pad, and garbage can…but there are also images of other toys released by PLACO TOYS. The ever-elusive hard hat and ball gun have showed up on product catalog scans, but have yet to be located in a collection, making them one of the 'Holy Grail' items that people are always searching for.

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As an added bonus, you can now browse through the original 1986 Placo Toys Catalog dedicated to Garbage Pail Kids! This is one of the harder items to locate…and I'm talking about a scan of the catalog - not the catalog itself! There have only been a few pictures of the catalog online, and they were in extremely poor in quality...containing smudges, holes, etc. - and while they were nice-to-have, they provided little value to a collector. Using Photoshop, I have cleaned up the scans and attempted to restore them to their original beauty. While it's unknown if anyone still actually owns the original catalog, at least collectors can now browse through the pages and learn more about this fantastic collection of toys!

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