• RELEASE DATE: October 6, 2022
  • ON SALE WINDOW: 7 days (10/06/22 – 10/13/22)
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-5a and 1b-5b (*1a-6a and 1b-6b)
  • COMPLETE SET: 10 cards (*12)
  • CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a 2022 Online Exclusives checklist
  • PRICE: There were three ways to purchase this release. The sets could be purchased directly from the Topps website for $19.99ea, or in a lot of 10 for $179.99. Additionally they could be purchased at the Topps NYCC booth - and those who did so would receive a special 6ab card set
  • INFORMATION: Because there can never be enough Horror-ible cards, Topps released an exclusive expansion set to coincide with the NYCC. From the Topps website: "Oh the horrible! Just in time for Halloween, Garbage Pail Kids return in truly horrifying style. Collect all five exclusive horror movie themed characters. Sold for a limited time only, each set contains 10 stickers."
    Those who purchased the set received a full 10-sticker base set plus (1) sepia parallel sticker card
    * As mentioned above, this set could be purchased directly from the Topps booth at the New York City Comic Con. When the set was purchased at the Con, the collector would receive a special 2-card set numbered 6a and 6b (6a pictured above). These cards featured a parody of Wednesday Addams drawn by David Gross, and do not appear on the checklist card
  • PRINT RUN: According to information released on the Topps website, the release sold a total of 2127 SETS