In October of 2013…after years of begging, whining, pleading, praying, and downright harassaing…Topps finally blessed Garbage Pail Kids collectors with MiniKins! To collectors of Cheap Toys this new line of figures proved to be just what the hobby needed.

Combining a wide variety of character sculpts with a number of different color variations, collectors have a number of different options to choose from when building their sets. This section is intended to serve as not only an introduction to the basics of collecting MINIKINS…but also a resource to use if you intend to jump off the deep end and take a stab at completing some variation sets, etc.!

MiniKins are separated by Series to help with navigation. Please use the QUICKLINKS to start your MiniKins-journey!

And if it wasn't obvious enough, I am obsessed with I decided to create a graph showing the breakdown of GPK MiniKins characters by Series. I think it's pretty interesting to see just how much of a disparity there is!

Click the image above for a hi-res version