Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: February, 2012
  • BASE SET: 16 magnets
  • CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Complete Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: This 16-magnet set of Garbage Pail Kids characters proved to be a nice change of pace for collectors. Not only was the smaller and manageable set size attractive, but so was the inclusion of all new artwork. For the first time since the All New Series 7 release collectors got to feast their eyes on some new characters. Originally scheduled for a Halloween 2011 release date, these finally dropped on Valentine's Day, 2012.

    The set includes four of the Original Series Garbage Pail Kids, and 12 all-new characters. All of the new characters were drawn by Mark Pingitore…and he did a fantastic job re-creating that OS feel with simpler backgrounds and clever gags (ie. no poop/puke/etc).


One of the most interesting and unique aspects of this release is the all new packaging style. Since this release includes gummy candy, a traditional foil pack would not suffice. Instead, Topps created a foil 'pouch' type bag to hold the magnets and candy.

The packaging features a total of four different characters on the front, and a checklist (and nutritional info) on the back. Included in each pack are four magnet cards and two pieces of gummy candy.

Ghastly Ashley (front)
Potty Scotty (front)
Adam Bomb (front)
Beasty Boyd (front)
Packaging Back (typical)

The Magnet Cards are displayed in an attractive counter-box. The box holds a total of 18 packages, and features images from the Original Series Garbage Pail Kids. Interestingly, Topps used a blue color that is very similar to the Imperial Toys GPK- themed releases of the 80's. Nice touch ;)

Counter Display


I suppose since Topps went through the trouble of including gummy candy with this release, I might as well include it here. But, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of this part of the release.

As mentioned previously, each package comes with two gummies that are individually wrapped. The wrapper however does NOT stop the over-the-top fruity smell from eminating all over the place. There are three different gummies to eat/collect: a severed foot, a heart, and an eyeball.

Severed Foot