Since the late 1980's, Garbage Pail Kids have been produced in over almost two-dozen countries around the world. Each foreign release is unique to its country and offers collectors a variety of formats and styles.

Some of these releases are not only extremely rare, but also big and complicated. Rather than trying to display every option available from every country, this section is intended to serve as an INTRODUCTION TO THE FOREIGN RELEASES, and hopefully help collectors get a better idea of what is out there.

There is one page per country, and each page includes pictures and information of the stickers available, packaging, albums, and more.

Please use the QUICKLINKS to navigate to a specific country!!

And because the GeePeeKay community reaches far and wide, I decided to create an interactive map showing where some of you collectors are living around the world! Click HERE to be taken to the map! And if you want YOUR home town to be added to the map, follow the directions listed on the left side of the map!

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