Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: December, 2020
  • CARD NUMBERS: 1a-83a and 1b-83b
  • BASE SET: 166 cards
  • VARIATION SET: no variations
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Sapphire Edition Master Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: It's safe to say that no release (since the 80s at least) has drawn the attention of collectors like the Sapphire Edition. Released right on the heels of the 35th Anniversary Series and Chrome 3, the Sapphire Edition threw the entire hobby into a frenzy (and completely trampled all over the previously-mentioned releases).
    This Series was originally an exclusive release for Topps 582 Montgomery Club members, and thought to be extremely limited. Boxes sold out IMMEDIATELY for $50ea to club members. Within minutes they were up on eBay and selling for hundreds of dollars. Then, to the surprise of everyone, Topps released a limited amount to everyone at the same $50/box price point. Of course this didn't last long and many were left scratching their heads trying to determine exactly how many were produced. Then, in one last slap in the face to collectors, the boxes started showing up on the Blowout Cards website for hundreds of dollars per box. It is not clear how many boxes Blowout secured from Topps, but they were available for MONTHS after the initial release...and continued to sell out for up to $1000ea
    Based on the odds it is believed roughly 16,600 boxes were produced
    PINKS: Once the dust had finally started to settle on the chaos of the initial release, people started to see results of their 'no-hit-claims' (boxes that were opened that contained no hits). The result of these claims was a new pink refractor. This color was not part of the initial release, and only available directly from Topps. The cards are low population, but unfortunately they were not numbered so it's impossible to know how many were produced
  • PACKAGING: There was a total of 1 BOX produced for the Sapphire Edition. Much smaller than the typical boxes, each came with 8 silver-foil packs of 4 cards.
    It should be noted that the odds printed on the back of the box are wrong. For some reason Topps listed the odds as "per pack" when in fact they are "per box" (Example: the box says "Orange 1:4 packs" - when in fact the orange are approximately 1:4 boxes).
    The top of the box also states "2 Parallels Per Inside", but collectors have found anywhere from 0 to 4 hits per box (although 2 does seem to be the average)