2020 debuted the first-ever VIDEO SERIES sticker sets! Read below for more information, and then use the QUICKLINKS for detailed pictures, information, and videos from each release!

  • INFORMATION: The Video Series release marked a first for Garbage Pail Kids cards from Topps, in that it featured 'artwork' from a YouTube video. Late in 2019 Topps partnered with JamRoll Studios to create stop-motion videos featuring officially licensed GPK merchandise. Apparently they are now going to release an exclusive set of cards to advertise a video that is advertising a product?
    This release provided collectors with a couple of 'first-looks' at GPK 35th Anniversary logos. The front of the cards feature a 'GPK35' logo with a little mushroom cloud, and the back of the cards feature Adam Bomb in the 35th Anniversary logo:
  • 35th Anniversary Logos