Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: September, 1987
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 379a-417a and 379b-417b
  • BASE SET: 78 stickers
  • VARIATION SET: 88 stickers
  • BASE SET CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Base Set Checklist
  • VARIATION CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Variation Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: Garbage Pail Kids Series 10 is the first series that was released to feature the 'new look' to the design of the kids and GPK Banner following the lawsuit and court ruling.
  • PACKAGING: There was a total of 1 BOX and 3 WRAPPERS produced for Original Series 10. Below is a comprehensive list of the specific codes and variation details, followed by an example of a wrapper and box top from OS10:
    - 1-490-40-05-7
    0-490-21-07-7 * BLACK Wrapper Code * WITH 25¢
    0-490-21-07-7 * MINT GREEN AND BLACK Wrapper Codes * WITH 25¢
    0-490-21-08-7 * BLACK Wrapper Code * WITHOUT 25¢