Release Information

  • RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2019 Online (October 3 @ NYCC)
  • ON SALE WINDOW: 7 days (10/07/19 - 10/14/19)
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-10a and 1b-10b, 1c-10c
  • COMPLETE SET: 20 card base set, 10 'c' name, 20 Pink Border, 20 Green Border, Sketch Card (see below for more info)
  • PRICE: There were TWO ways to purchase this release. Collectors who attended 2019 NYCC got first dibs at the release on October 3, while everyone else had to wait until October 7 to begin ordering online. The price was $40.00 regardless of where it was purchased, however those who were lucky enough to get it at the convention received one exclusive promo card per set
  • INFORMATION: The 2019 Garbage Pail Kids x NYC Takeover set strayed from previous releases (Valentine's, SNS, etc.) by pre-releasing it at the convention. Perhaps that is one reason why this set did NOT sell out, and the countdown clock reached all zeroes with some still showing available. Topps would later say it DID sell out but the numbers do not add up considering how many sketches were drawn by the artists
    Those who purchased the set ultimately received a full base set plus 4 extra parallels:
    - 1 'c' card - Scratch and Stink (120 of each number)
    - 1 Pink Border
    - 2 Green Border
    - Plus a possible Sketch Card (1:2, SIXTEEN artists completed a total of 800 sketches)
  • PRINT RUN: According to information released on the Topps website, the release sold a total of 1211 SETS