• RELEASE DATE: August 10, 2020
  • ON SALE WINDOW: 7 days (8/10/20 - 8/17/20)
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-5a and 1b-5b
  • COMPLETE SET: 10 stickers
  • VARIATION SET: 11 stickers (see below)
  • PRICE: There was only one way to purchase this release. Each set could be purchased individually for $19.99 directly from the ToppsVault eBay page
  • INFORMATION: Topps decided to continue the new release ideas by partnering with eBay for an exclusive 10-card set. The set was ONLY available on eBay, and was available for an entire week. The exclusive set featured parodies of GPK dealing with the hardships of making purchases on eBay
    All artwork was completed by Joe Simko, and the card names for the set were as follows:
    1ab - eBay Ray/Winning Bud
    2ab - Leaky Lindsay/Messy Tessi
    3ab - Nat Nerd/Clark Can't
    4ab - Outbid Betty/Loser Lisa
    5ab - Sniper Sam/Trigger Finger

    The complete variation set consists of 11 cards because card #2a can be found with both Leaky Lindsay and Messy Tessi printed in the namebar:
    2a (correct and error)
  • PRINT RUN: According to information released on the eBay site at the conclusion of the auction, the release sold a total of 1937 SETS