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GPK /gee - pee - kay/ abbr.
abbreviation for GARBAGE PAIL KIDS, popular stickers originating in the 1980s that parodied the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls (more...)

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STICKER GALLERIES The galleries at are the only place to see high-res scans of EVERY GPK sticker ever released!

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Comprehensive history of Topps GPK releases!

OFFICIAL TOPPS MERCHANDISE When it comes to Garbage Pail Kids merchandise, Topps has released much more than just stickers!!

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MINKINS FIGURES Picking up right where Cheap Toys left off...Garbage Pail Kids Minikins came and went too fast :(

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You can watch the entire movie right here!

THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE When people think of a movie that they love to hate, this is generally at the TOP of their list!

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All the latest it happens!

GPK NEWS Click here to stay up to speed with the latest news concerning all-things-Garbage Pail Kid!

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