Release Information

  • RELEASE DATE: November 21, 2019
  • ON SALE WINDOW: 7 days (11/21/19 - 11/28/19) - SOLD OUT IN 4 DAYS
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-10a and 1b-10b, Posters 1-10
  • COMPLETE SET: 20 card base set, 10 5x7 Posters, 20 Red Border, 20 Green Border, 20 Snowflake Border, Sketch Card (see below for more info)
  • PRICE: There was only one way to purchase this release. The sets could be purchased directly from the Topps website for $40.00
  • INFORMATION: The 2019 We Hate the Holidays online exclusive set followed the design of the other online-exclusive sets from earlier in the year, but added in 5" x 7" posters instead of c-name character cards. The set itself contained artwork from Simko, McWilliams, Engstrom, and Gross - and featured holiday-mashups of popular characters
    Those who were lucky enough to purchase the set ultimately received a full base set plus 4 extra parallels:
    - 1 5x7 Poster (of the a-name character)
    - 1 Snowflake Border
    - 2 Red Border
    - 3 Green Border
    - Plus a possible Sketch Card (1:2, SEVENTEEN artists completed a total of 686 sketches)
  • PRINT RUN: According to information released on the Topps website, the release sold a total of 1304 SETS