Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: December, 1988
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 581a-620a and 581b-620b
  • BASE SET: 80 stickers
  • VARIATION SET: 176 stickers
  • BASE SET CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Base Set Checklist
  • VARIATION CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Variation Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: Garbage Pail Kids Series 15 was the last set of the original run to be produced and released by Topps, Inc.
  • PACKAGING: There was a total of 1 BOX and 2 WRAPPERS produced for Original Series 15. Below is a comprehensive list of the specific codes and variation details, followed by an example of a wrapper and box top from OS15:
    - 1-490-40-02-8
    0-490-21-03-8 * WITH 25¢ (Non Die-Cut)
    0-490-21-04-8 * WITHOUT 25¢