• RELEASE DATE: April/May 2020
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-15a and 1b-15b
  • COMPLETE SET: 30 stickers
  • PRICE: There were two ways* to purchase these releases. Each set could be purchased individually for $19.99, or in lots of 10 for $179.99
  • INFORMATION: A total of THREE different Tiger King Sets were released throughout April and May 2020. Below is some high-level information on the release.
    April 2020 will long be remembered as the month the World was introduced to the Tiger King...so OF COURSE Topps was going to jump on board with an online release. Having already worked with Netflix for their Stranger Things/Stranger Kids release, the Tiger King set was fast-tracked. All artwork for the set was produced by David Gross. It was available for a limited time and could only be purchased directly from the Topps website
    Interestingly-enough, once these started showing up at collectors homes it was revealed that Topps goofed the printing and printed all 10 cards with blank backs. To make matters worse, they printed up an entire separate set of 10 cards with just the backs!?
    * Out of nowhere Topps announced a deal with NTWRK, and on May 17, 2020 fans were able to purchase the Gone Exotic 1 set and/or a T-shirt directly from the NTWRK website. To account for this Topps pre-printed a bunch of sets which is why the print run was SO HIGH. This is the first time an online exclusive set has been offered somewhere other than the Topps website or Topps both (at a convention)
  • DETAILS: Below is a breakdown of each release featuring card #s, release date, and print run:
    Gone Exotic 1: 1a-5b | 4/16/20 - 4/23/20 | 3285 Print Run
    Gone Exotic 2: 6a-10b | 5/4/20 - 5/11/20 | 1378 Print Run
    Gone Exotic 3: 11a-15b | 5/28/20 - 6/4/20 | ___ Print Run