Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: July, 2014
  • CARD NUMBERS: 42a-83a and 42b-83b
  • BASE SET: 84 cards
  • VARIATION SET: no variations
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Chrome Series 2 Master Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: Chrome Series 2 is close to the original release but not identical. The set is 2 cards smaller as it does not contain the variation cards. Also, similar to Chrome Series 1 the curved banner was replaced with the straight one pictured above.
    Another change is the card backs. Because this release contains both puzzles the backs were altered drastically from the OS release in order to fit in the pieces for both puzzles
  • PACKAGING: There was a total of 7 WRAPPERS produced for Chrome Series 2. Below is a comprehensive list of the specific codes and variation details, followed by an example of some packaging options from CS2:
    PKG002343 * NO Price * Found in HOBBY BOX (24 pack)
    PKG002344 * NO Price * Found in RETAIL PACKS (24 pack)
    PKG002345 * NO Price * Found in RETAIL PACKS (16 peg)
    PKG002346 * NO Price * Found in RETAIL GRAVITY FEED
    PKG002349 * NO Price * Found in VALUE PACK
    PKG002350 * NO Price * Found in VALUE PACK
    PKG002351 * NO Price * Found in BONUS BOX