• RELEASE DATES: December 2020 (see 'Details' below for breakdown)
  • PRICE: There were two ways to purchase these releases. Each set could be purchased individually for $19.99, or in lots of 10 for $160.00
  • INFORMATION: Topps released two weekly sets titled '2020 Was the Worst' with the tagline: "Celebrate some of this years wackiest moments with the your favorite Garbage Pail Kids characters"
    Now obviously no one will argue that 2020 was undoubtedly the worst year in recent memory...but unfortunately these cards failed to dig into a number of the reasons why 2020 was in-fact the worst. Staying fairly light-hearted these sets poked fun at sports in a bubble and zoom meetings
  • DETAILS: Below is a breakdown of each set featuring card #s, release date, and print run:
    Week 1: 1a-5b | 12/10/20 - 12/17/20 | 790 Print Run
    Week 2: 6a-10b | 12/17/20 - 12/24/20 | 671 Print Run