At SDCC in 2014 news broke that sent geeks around the world into a frenzy...there was finally going to be a GARBAGE PAIL KIDS COMIC BOOK!!

Throughout the next year, Topps and IDW would spend a lot of time and money advertising and promoting the upcoming release (at least the first issue) through exclusive giveaways at CONS, products available at the Topps website, and interviews in various publications.

Then, in early 2017, Topps began creating and releasing Comic Books directly from their website! These comics were much shorter and came with a set of two sticker cards.

This section was built with the goal in mind of being THE go-to source for EVERYTHING related to the Garbage Pail Kids comic books. Not only is there a wealth of pictures and information surrounding the release of each issue, but you also can read the entire comic books right here on my site.

Please use the QUICKLINKS to begin your journey into the world of GPK Comics!!