• RELEASE DATE: June 29, 2020
  • ON SALE WINDOW: 7 days (06/29/20 - 07/06/20) - SOLD OUT IN ONE DAY
  • STICKER NUMBERS: (not numbered - see below)
  • COMPLETE SET: 102 (7 Cover Story, 5 Skateboard Deck, 90 Comic)
  • CHECKLIST: As mentioned above, this set (brilliantly) came 'un-numbered', making it EXTREMELY difficult to put together. To help collectors complete their sets, GeePeeKay has created this visual-checklist that includes artist info, numbers, AND thumbnail images for each Comic Card.
    Click HERE to print a 'Visual Checklist' for 35 Years of Untold Stories

  • PRICE: There was only one way to purchase this release. A box could be purchased directly from the Topps website for $40.00
  • INFORMATION: The 35 Years of Untold Stories On-Demand Set #10 was a new-styled-release for Topps. No longer did purchasing a box result in a complete set...rather it would take multiple boxes to complete the 102 card set.
    Those who were lucky enough to purchase a box received the following:
    - 1 Cover Story Sticker
    - 1 80s Style Skateboard Deck Sticker
    - 24 Comic Cards
    - Plus a possible Sketch Card (1:2, it is believed TWENTY artists contributed sketches)
    - And even MORE rare, a possible Sketch Box (1:100, five artists painted 4 boxes each)
    The set was comprised of three parts: (7) different Cover Story stickers featuring artwork by Brent Engstrom, (5) different 80s Style Skateboard Deck stickers featuring artwork by Rory McQueen, and (90) different Comic Cards featuring artwork by four different artists (Chris Meeks, Darrin Pepe, Neil Camera, and Daniel Contois)
  • PACKAGING: There was a total of 2 BOXES produced for 35 Years of Untold Stories. As mentioned above, Topps introduced the 'Sketch Card Box' for this release, which featured the artwork of one of four different artists. The artwork covered all six sides of the box and included the artists signature on the top.
  • Standard Box
    Sketch Box (1:100)
  • PUZZLE BACKS: The backs of the 90 card set contain a total of TEN different puzzles. There is a 9-card puzzle for each Cover Sticker, and three different 35th Anniversary Logo puzzles (pink, blue, green). The breakdown of the puzzles is as follows:
    PUZZLE 1 - Adam Bomb Cover Story artwork: cards 1-9
    PUZZLE 2 - Nasty Nick Cover Story artwork: cards 10-18
    PUZZLE 3 - Pink 35th Anniversary Logo: cards 19-27
    PUZZLE 4 - Ailin' Al Cover Story artwork: cards 28-36
    PUZZLE 5 - Slobby Robbie Cover Story artwork: cards 37-45
    PUZZLE 6 - Wrinkled Randy Cover Story artwork: cards 46-54
    PUZZLE 7 - Blue 35th Anniversary Logo: cards 55-63
    PUZZLE 8 - Virus Iris Cover Story artwork: cards 64-72
    PUZZLE 9 - New Wave Dave Cover Story artwork: cards 73-81
    PUZZLE 10 - Green 35th Anniversary Logo: cards 82-90
  • PRINT RUN: Based on the number (and odds) of Sketch Boxes there appear to have been 2000 SETS