Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: November, 2011
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-66a and 1b-66b
  • BASE SET: 132 stickers (160 stickers if you include the sequentially-numbered LOST and Where Are They Now subsets)
  • VARIATION SET: no variations
  • BASE SET CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Base Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: The base set for Flashback Series 3 is comprised of Garbage Pail Kids characters from Original Series 1 through Original Series 15
    Thankfully the checkerboard pattern along the border was removed for FB3 - however there is still the use of yellow throughout the design (border, header, namebar). It should be noted that the quality of the printing/images is MUCH better in FB3 than it was for FB1-2
    The backs for FB3 consist of a mix between the Facebook-parody 'Fakebook' and the remaining images from the Giant Postcards from 1986 (previously used in FB1)
    Stickers 41a through 46b included the images from the Giant Postcards #12 through #15 (without the back for # 14)
    Stickers 1a through 18b feature the writing of Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko and his wife June on another set of the 'Fakebook' profiles
    Similar to FB1 and FB2, this set also features two separate for the 'a' cards and one for the 'b' cards
  • PACKAGING: There was a total of 4 WRAPPERS produced for Flashback Series 2. Below is a comprehensive list of the specific codes and variation details, followed by an example of some packaging options from FB2:
    0-757-54-04-1 * NO Price * Found in HOBBY BOX
    0-758-54-02-1 * NO Price * Found in RETAIL BOX and BLISTER PACKS
    0-758-89-02-1 * NO Price * Found in RETAIL BOX and SPECIAL MARKET BOXES
    0-771-54-01-1 * NO Price * Found in RETAIL GRAVITY FEED