Germany released a number of different versions of Garbage Pail Kids. From an early Series 1 release, to the popular DIE TOTAL KAPUTTEN KIDS, and eventually EKEL KIDS, there were numerous options for foreign collectors to seek out.

Germany released a number of different series of Garbage Pail Kids. First was a set of Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 characters under the famililar Garbage Pail Kids banner. GEEPEEKAY does not really support the term 'test set' that is common among collectors, and rather feels that EVERY release is a test. If it does well, then further series will be released, so it is instead referred to as 'Series 1'.

Later, Germany released a series of Garbage Pail Kids called Die Total Kaputten Kids. Die Total Kaputten Kids translates to "The Totally Broken Kids". This release consisted of one series (complete with album).

And finally when the 'new' series craze was in full-swing, the Ekel Kids were released (under the 'Merlin' banner).

As is typical with the foreign releases of Garbage Pail Kids, Germany released a series of albums to accompany their various sticker releases. These albums feature numerous pages that are for the collector to peel and stick their Garbage Pail Kids stickers. They also feature advertisements and information for other products.

And because everyone is familiar with the 'PEEL HERE' arrow on GPK stickers, it is interesting to note that the GERMANY releases feature an arrow that reads "HIER ABZIEHEN"

Below you will find images and information on all of the Garbage Pail Kids releases from Germany, including a helpful timeline that details exactly 'when' each release occurred.


Below are examples of stickers from the Germany Garbage Pail Kids releases, including a checklist for the early Series 1 release. Considering the extreme rarity (and popularity) of the Series 1 release, this checklist is intended to assist collectors when assembling their foreign sets.

Series 1 (front)
Series 1 (back)
DTKK (front)
DTKK (back)

Series 1 'test set' (checklist)


Below are examples of wrappers from the various Germany Garbage Pail Kids releases. To date, NO ONE has been able to track down a pack of Series 1 German Garbage Pail Kids from 1986, so a complete wrapper set consists of DTKK and Ekel-Kids:

Series 1 (front)
Series 1 (back)
Ekel-Kids (front)


Sale Sheets were a common way to advertise GPK releases in the United States, and apparently this method was also used in Germany as well because friend-of-GEEPEEKAY Chris was kind enough to share his copy of the sale sheet for the Germany Series 1 release:

In addition to the Sale Sheet there are also examples of the box tops from both the Series 1 release and the DTKK release.

Series 1 (top)
DTKK (top)


Examples of different albums from the Germany Garbage Pail Kids releases:

DTKK (front)
Ekel Kids (front)
Ekel Kids (back)


Germany released multiple different series over the span of three decades. Below is a timeline that provides a glimpse at not only when a particular series was released, but also how many stickers were included as part of that release.


Garbage Pail Kids Series 1


Die Total Kaputten Kids