Considering how crazy things were for Topps, Inc and Garbage Pail Kids back in the 80s, it's difficult to imagine how someone could keep a piece of paper that was simply advertising a product, and most likely stuck in a box or envelope...but that's what makes the SALE SHEETS such a fun and unique collectible!

Sale Sheets were sent to merchants to advertise an upcoming product. I find these to be very interesting to collect because of how rare they are. Most often, merchants would discard them as there was simply no logical reason to keep them. These continue to get harder and harder to locate. Each Sale Sheet (or 'Dealer Sell Sheet') below measures approx. 8.5" x 11" except for the Cheap Toys Series 2.

Original Series 1 (sm)
Original Series 1
Original Series 1 (giant)
Original Series 2

Original Series 3
Original Series 7
Original Series 11
Original Series 13

Original Series 14
Original Series 15
Original Series 16
All New Series 1

All New Series 1 (w/ gum)
All New Series 2
All New Series 3
All New Series 4

All New Series 5
All New Series 6
All New Series 7
Bazooka T-shirt Offer

Bazooka Spiral Offer
Bazooka Folder Offer
Cheap Toys (Series 1)
Cheap Toys (Series 2)