In a match made in heaven (or perhaps somewhere under ground), CREEPY CO. has taken their love of all-things-spooky and joined forces with Topps, releasing a handful Garbage Pail Kids products just oozing with gruesome goodness!

Being that the Creepy Co. website went through all the trouble of explaining who they are, it just makes sense to share it here:

Creepy Co. is a Chicago-based collectibles brand born out of a love for all things creepy; especially horror films, the paranormal, everything Halloween, and the general specter of creepiness that surrounds a good deal of people, places and situations (both real and imagined) in popular culture. We're not just horror: we're a plastic fang-fueled study in everything that delights those who are Creepy-leaning!

This wonderful relationship between Creepy Co. and Topps is currently in its infant-stages, and they have promised to be releasing numerous different products throughout 2017 and 2018.


Below are some pictures of 'Phase 1' of their GPK-themed merchandise, released in September 2017 that included the following items:

  • 5 different Enamel Pins with deluxe backing cards
  • Set of 6 different 1.5" GPK buttons
  • Sheet of 12 GPK Puffy Stickers

In October, 2017 the creeps at Creepy Co. dropped a nice little surprise for Garbage Pail Kids collectors: a JACK O. Lantern enamel pin. This pin matched the design of their popular Phase 1 pins (above), and featured the popular halloween-y Garbage Pail Kid on their trademark 2.5" deluxe backing card

JACK O. Lantern Pin (w/ card back)

Perhaps it's because they're a small company...or perhaps it's their relentless drive to nail every little kickass detail...or perhaps it's their unabashed love for the classic Garbage Pail Kids...but whatever the reason, the results are amazing. Creepy Co. is passionate about what they do, and it definitely shows in their products!

Puffy Stickers (teaser image)


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I am a card-carrying CREEP CLUB member, so I know what I'm talking about. No home is complete without somethin' use the link below to pick up something...or 20 somethings ;)

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