• MADE BY: The Stick-On Pictures were produced and released by the Imperial Toy Corporation
  • PRODUCT NUMBER: Stick-On Pictures are listed as 'No. 7268' in the Imperial toy catalog
  • MANUFACTURED IN: All Imperial toys, including Stick-On Pictures, were manufactured in Taiwan
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the Stick-On Pictures packaging reads 1986
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each Stick-On Pictures package measures 6" x 8 3/4" (w x h). The Name Tags measure 1 13/16" x 2 9/16" (w x h)
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of Stick-On Pictures consists of 12 different sheets

In 1986, Imperial Toy Corp released a set of 12 Sticker Sets featuring the images of Series 1 and Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids. Each package featured 6 character stickers and 2 Garbage Pail kids 'banner' stickers. All of the stickers in the package were 'puffy' as opposed to just flat stickers. The character stickers looked exactly like the card, however they also featured a wood-frame border.

Sheet #1
Sheet #2
Sheet #3
Sheet #4

Sheet #5
Sheet #6
Sheet #7
Sheet #8

Sheet #9
Sheet #10
Sheet #11
Sheet #12

The back of each sticker pack was the same. It included manufacturing details as well as a section titled: "Fun Things To Do With Stickers". It gave suggestions as to who to 'Trade 'em' with or 'Give 'em' to, as well as ideas as to what you can 'Stick 'em on'. Some of the suggestions are actually quite humorous ('stick 'em on jackets'??)

Back (typical)

One of the Holy Grail items of Imperial Toys is a complete box of Stick-Ons...and thankfully, I am lucky enough to have a complete box of Stick-On Pictures in my collection. The box is complete with both the bottom and (removable) top section, and contains 36 mint condition packs. The separate top-section contains printed instructions on how it was to be removed, folded, and positioned to form the product display.

Full Box (front)
Full Box (back)