Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: October, 2017
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 16-20, L4 (Gross Bears) and 10a-12a/10b-12b (Bathroom Buddies)
  • SUBSET: 12 stickers
  • VARIATION SUBSET: no variations
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Master Checklist
  • INFORMATION: Although these two sets are not named in the traditional 'Bonus Card' format, the way they were distributed makes them extremely similar to previous series. The 6 card Gross Bears set features reprints of all the old artwork from Topps' Gross Bears Big Bad Buttons from the 80s and were found 3:WalMart (SE) Blaster Box. The 6 card Bathroom Buddies set also featured reprints of old Topps' artwork from the 80s and were found 3:Target (EA) Blaster Box