Whether working officially for Topps Inc., or producing his own exclusive parody sets, MAGIC MARKER ART by MARK PINGITORE has been creating Garbage Pail Kids inspired artwork for over 10 years

Like most people who visit GEEPEEKAY.com, Mark Pingitore is a child of the 80s who loves a number of other toylines that came out of that decade...He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. However, UNLIKE most people who visit this page, Mark is an incredibly talented artist who is able to combine Garbage Pail Kids with these other popular toylines and create fantastic mash-up images.


Below are a few of the more popular Garbage Pail Kids characters Mark painted for Topps. And this is just a sample, as Mark painted hundreds of characters over the 10 years working on official GPK releases!

After working for Topps as an official Garbage Pail Kids artist since All New Series 5 in 2006, Mark decided to break free from the constraints of having to submit his ideas and concepts for approval, and instead ventured out on his own and created sets made directly for the fans. The results are fantastic...from He-Man parodies, to Horror Movie parodies, to G.I. Joe, and many more...collectors can't get enough, and it looks like Mark won't be slowing down any time soon!

This section is broken down into multiple gallery pages to help collectors browse through the amazing amount of Mark's awesome work. In addition to the fantastic artwork, one should really pay attention to all the detail he puts into his work. From the beloved 'PEEL HERE' arrows, to the unique headers and namebars, to the fantasticly-creative die-cut shapes...these series stand out as THE Garbage Pail Kids parody sets to own.

Use the 'QUICKLINKS' to browse through the different parody series created by Magic Marker Art!


In addition to being ridiculously-talented, Mark is also incredibly generous to his fans. There are a number of ways you can follow along and see what is coming soon:

INSTAGRAM: click here to follow along!

FACEBOOK: click here to follow along!

And by now it should be painfully obvious that no collection is complete without a piece from Magic Marker Art by Mark Pingitore. If somehow you do NOT own something, head on over to his store and remedy that ASAP. And if you already own something, why not add to your collection? ;)

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Because Mark keeps the releases coming fast and furious, below is a timeline that provides a glimpse at not only when a particular series was released, but also how many stickers were included as part of that release


Disasters of the Universe Series 1
Horrorible Kids Series 1


Disasters of the Universe Series 2
G.I. Jokes Series 1
Mutagen Canister Kids Series 1
Disasters of the Universe Series 3
Trashformers Series 1
Horrorible Kids Series 2
Star Warped Kids Series 1


Nintendopes Series 1
G.I. Jokes Series 2
Horrorible Kids Series 3
Thunderbrats Series 1


Marveless Kids
Horrorible Kids Series 4

Use the 'QUICKLINKS' to browse through the different parody series created by Magic Marker Art!