In 1987 audiences were blessed with the Garbage Pail Kids Movie! (one of the worst-reviewed movies…ever)...THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE

Seriously - there are some BAD reviews out there! Regardless, it was made…and now it can live on forever! After its theatrical run, it was later released on Home Video in both BetaMax and VHS format, and eventually re-released on DVD and BluRay.


A 'Movie Press Kit' was prepared for the Garbage Pail Kids Movie, and it was put together pretty well (considering what a mess the movie ended up being).

Enclosed in a nice folder (featuring the Movie Poster on the cover) was a copy of the original script, an official "News Release" from the Paramount Picture Corporation, and eight 8x10 glossy B&W photos.

Press Kit (cover)
Press Kit (contents)


To help promote the release of the film, many cinemas around the country worked together with Topps to distribute a set of 4 Garbage Pail Kids 'postcards' themed after the characters in the movie. These cards were made of rather flimsy paper material and were not stickers like official Garbage Pail Kids. Also, the art on the card was re-worked to look a little more like the character portrayed in the movie as opposed to an exact replica of the card image.

The back of the postcards contained some promotional information and copyright text. I obtained these postcards first-hand when I viewed the movie back in 1987 and they have been part of my collection ever since.

NAT Nerd
ALI Gator

Promo Postcard (back)


To further hype this glorious achievement in cinema Paramount released an 'Official Movie Magazine'. Reminiscent of a lot of the teen magazines of the 80s, this magazine contained lots of pictures, pin-ups, fold-out posters, and a movie synopsis.

Oddly enough it contained the "Garbage Gang" logo as opposed to the Garbage Pail Kids which graced movie posters and the collectible stickers.

Movie Magazine (front)
Movie Magazine (back)


In an effort to get the word out to as many people as possible, Topps decided to advertise their movie release in a number of magazines. Below is a scan of the original, full-page magazine ad that was run prior to the original theatrical release of the movie.

Magazine Ad

I also was able to obtain a rather unique item that dealt with the promotion of the GPK Movie...the 'mini ad-sheet'.

This un-cut sheet measures 11" x 17" and features 24 different 'mini-ads' of varying sizes. These ads were used on the back of movie tickets to promote the GPK Movie. What is particularly interesting is there are numerous different sizes of the ads - this is due to the vast range of movie ticket sizes.

Mini-Ad Sheet


Over the years the Garbage Pail Kids Movie has been packaged in a variety of formats, including a number of different covers. Below is an example of the number of different options available to collect.

Original VHS
VHS (variation)
VHS (Brazil)
VHS (Argentina)

DVD (Israel)
Original DVD (back)
DVD (variation)