You've found it! The secret page at GeePeeKay that provides pics and info on everyone's favorite mascot GEEP!


Discovered deep in the bottom of the Garbage Pail, GEEP has been happily rotting away since the 80s. And even though the years have taken a toll on Geep...leaving him with a number of different ailments, injuries, and hasn't put a damper on his mood. He's happy as can be, and thrilled to call GeePeeKay his home!

Geep has been the official mascot of GeePeeKay since April, 2018. The artwork for the original version of Geep was drawn by EnoxArt, and lasted for over two years. In August, 2020 a brand new version of Geep drawn by Rory McQueen was debuted.

Throughout the years Geep has appeared on a number of different products. From cards, to keychains, to posters, and more...Geep has definitely gotten around. Below are image galleries of Geep cards, information on the Geep Artist Series, and a link to the official GeePeeKay store - where you can pick up the latest Geep merchandise to add to your collection!


Since his arrival in April, 2018 there were number of different Geep v1 cards released. Below is a gallery of the different variations released over the years:

v1 CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Master Checklist for Geep v1


Below is a gallery of the different v2 Geep cards that have been released since August, 2020:


The Geep Artist Series is a unique, collaborative project featuring a variety of different artists' take on the GeePeeKay mascot GEEP! I am so proud of this project, and it is without a doubt one of my favorite things I've ever been a part of. For over 30 years I have been obsessed with both art and Garbage Pail I get to work on a project that combines them into one. And not only does it combine them, but it does so on such a personal level with a character that is mine, drawn by artists that I love and follow. Below are pictures of the Artist Series designs:

The Geep Artist Series releases come with a variety of trading cards, stickers, and more. Even better?...they are always in stock and available for purchase. Click HERE to be taken to the GeePeeKay store!


As stated above, Geep has been featured on a number of different cards, stickers, binders, and much more. Click the link below to be taken to the GeePeeKay store where you can browse through the various items available for purchase