The FUNKO POP! figures were first released in April, 2018, and consisted of four figures and a CHASE variant. This page highlights the GPK-themed POP! releases from Funko…including in-depth looks at not only the figures, but also the packaging and promotional materials


The first glimpse collectors got of the GPK POP! release was in this image taken from the Funko catalog back in early January, 2018. It features very rough renderings of the four different characters to be featured in the initial release

January 11 Funko Catalog Promo

Later in January Funko provided a much better look at the first release of figures - including a first glimpse at the Glow CHASE variant of Adam Bomb. These renderings were much more complete, and there weren't any major changes from this teaser image and the final figures

The first sightings of the actual GPK POP! figures was at the London Toy Fair in January, 2018. All the figures were there, inclucing the Chase variant

In late September, 2018, collectors were surprised to see a teaser image for the first ever Funko POP! Convention Exclusive - the 'Metallic' Adam Bomb available only at NYCC


Each figure comes in the standard Funko POP! packaging. In addition to the 'cartoonish' renderings of the characters on the front/sides/back of the box, the Garbage Pail Kids figure boxes feature pink accents throughout the design. Inside is a clear plastic housing that contains the figure and keeps it from moving around in the box.

POP! Box (front)
POP! Box (side)
POP! Box (back)
POP! Box (side)

The boxes featured a visual checklist on the back. It should be noted that Funko does not include Chase variants on their packaging, so the first boxes only include images for figures 01 through 04, and do not have any mention of the 'glow' version of Adam Bomb.

Series 1 Figure Checklist


This section contains images of the different variant GPK figures available. These packages feature anything from a subtle addition of a sticker, to an entirely new banner, and more.

The first variant was a CHASE Variant for Adam Bomb (1:6 - one per case). This figure was a 'glow' figure that shines a bright orange in the dark, and comes with a 'CHASE' sticker on the box. Other than the sticker, the packaging is identical to the standard release


The second variant was a Metallic Adam Bomb limited to 3000 pieces worldwide. This figure was a the same sculpt as the base Adam Bomb but was covered in a metallic finish. It was available exclusively at the ToyTokyo booth at NYCC 2018 and comes with not only a new 'GPK' banner, but also a 'LIMITED EDITION' sticker on the box. Also, it is interesting to note that the back of this NYCC figure contained a slightly different look than the standard GPK Funko POP!



There are 4 characters in the initial release, with each figure measuring approximately 3" tall. Below is a hi-res gallery of the boxes containing each figure