In April, 2019 SPRAYGROUND released a line of Garbage Pail Kids backpacks...the perfect way to look cool while carrying your books (or GPK collection) to class!

The line-up was sold directly on the Sprayground website, as well as other retailers (Zumiez, skate shops, etc.). Sadly it was only available for a few months before showing as "SOLD OUT" at retailers :(

This page provides pictures and detailed information about the line of Garbage Pail Kids backpacks from Sprayground


A total of THREE backpacks were released from Sprayground. The Leaky Lindsay and Tattoo Lou were available on the United States Sprayground website, while the Clogged Duane was (VERY oddly enough) only available on Sprayground's Kuwait website!

Each backpack, similar to other Sprayground products, is extremely well-made and durable. The bags retailed for $65ea. Below is an image of the three different backpacks available to collect:

There were fun little details throughout (logos, badges, etc.). Here is a full list of PRODUCT DETAILS for the backpacks, followed by a series of pictures showing all sides of the Tattoo Lou bag

  • Exterior: Dimensions: 18" x 6" x 11.5"
  • Front zipper pocket
  • Side pockets
  • Zippered Stash pocket
  • Ergonomic mesh back padding
  • Adjustable Straps for custom sizing
  • Nylon Zippers with Metal Hardware
  • Metal "Sprayground Authentic" badge
  • Slide through back sleeve connects to Carry on luggage to free your hands
  • Interior: Separate Laptop compartment
  • Separate Velour sunglass compartment
  • Mesh organizer pocket


The bags were shipped in a clear plastic bag. The only 'custom' part of the packaging was a heavy-duty cardboard tag resembling a Garbage Pail Kids trading card. The card featured a brand new character created specifically for this license called 'Sharky MARK'. Even though there were three different backpacks, all of them came with the same tag: