In early 2019 collectors randomly discovered a Garbage Pail Kids poster in the racks at a Walmart store. After some investigating it turns out the poster was made by TRENDS INTERNATIONAL, and they in-fact had a handful of fun GPK in development!


As mentioned above, the first item to be spotted in the wild was a Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids wall poster. The poster contained images of OS1 GPK characters without the namebars and banner. Eventually a Series 2 poster was released leaving many wondering if there will be more?

The posters measure 22.375" x 34" and were available both in stores and online (Amazon, etc.). Below are images of the two versions available to collect

Series 1
Series 2


Trends International did nothing to advertise their new GPK merchandise (and of course Topps didn't help out), so it was a pleasant surprise to discover fun little packs of stickers available at numerous stores and online retailers.

There were three different versions of sticker packs (note: at the time of this writing only TWO have been discovered). Each pack contained small 1" stickers depicting popular Original Series characters with either a white or shiny background

Standard Stickers (4-sheet)
Sticker Flip Pack

As mentioned above, there is one version of the sticker packs that has yet to surface. Referred to on the TI site as ' Pop Up Stickers - 2 Sheet' the stickers apparently have a 3D effect!

Pop Up Stickers (2-sheet)

All-in-all this is a fun series of products from a fairly obscure company. It is refreshing to have items not only easy to obtain, but also affordably priced. The items from Trends International cost between $2 and $15 making them a welcome addition to any GPK collection!