The REALLY BIG MYSTERY MINI release consisted of a Series 1 (July 2015), Series 2 (December 2016), and a one-off Presidential release around the time of the 2016 election (March 2016). This page highlights the GPK-themed Mystery Mini releases from Funko…including in-depth looks at not only the figures, but also the packaging and promotional materials

From the packaging:

The GPK figures in this collection are inspired by the original Garbage Pail Kids collectible sticker cards introduced by Topps in 1985.
Combining spectacular artwork and over-the-top satire, the original sticker series was an inspired collaboration between avant-garde cartoonists and humorists including Art Spiegelman, Mark Newgarden, John Pound, Tom Bunk, Jay Lynch and others.
Topps and Funko invite you, our new generation of GPK fans, to continue to enjoy this pop-culture phenomenon.


Considering the fact that Series 1 was one of the most anticipated and sought-after GPK releases since the 80s, there was surprisingly ZERO promotion and advertising from Topps. In fact, the little promotion that did exist for Series 1 came from Funko in their 2015 product catalog. These concept drawings provided collectors their first glimpse of what characters were to be included, and also detailed the look and feel of the release

Product Catalog Image
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In April Funko took the prototypes to the 2015 Toy Fair, and pictures of the line-up immediately spread around the social media networks

Toy Fair Image (note Bony TONY had dark brown hair at this stage in the production)
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On March 4, 2016 Topps and Funko released teaser images for BRAND NEW figures. It was revealed that a new Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Funko figure would be released on August 1, 2016. The figures are based on the American As Apple Pie In Your Face Online Exclusve sets. Below are the two preview images.

Funko GPK Hillary Clinton (concept)
Funko GPK Donald Trump (concept)

If the promotion and advertising for Series 1 seemed to be lacking, then Series 2 was flat-out non-existent. Below are the ONLY promo images that surfaced during 2016. The first was a blurry scan of a product catalog sheet that gave collectors the first glimpse at the characters to be included in Series 2. The second set of images were released on November 29 and included final figure designs, packaging layout, and more. Interestingly enough, even with these limited attempts at advertising it is noticeable that a number of changes were made from initial-concept to final-design...namely the removal of weapons :(

Series 2 Catalog Sheet (note Split Kit and Mean Gene had weapons at this stage in the production)
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Series 2 (figure line-up)
Series 2 (case)


Really Big Mystery Minis came in a case containing 12 individual boxes. Each 12 box case contained a complete set of all 12 figures. The pink color used for the Series 1 packaging (case and individual boxes) is a direct call-back to the OS1 Wrapper color, and the blue color for Series 2 mimics the OS2 Wrapper color. The lid of the case can be popped up for store displays, etc.

Series 1 Case Box (front)
Series 1 Case Box (back)
Series 2 Case Box (front)
Series 2 Case Box (back)

Case Box (angle-open)
Case Box (angle-open)


Each individual box contains one Really Big Mystery Figure. Inside each box is an opaque black plastic bag containing the figure.

Series 1 Box (front)
Series 2 Box (front)
Series 1 Box (back)
Series 2 Box (back)

Series 1 Box (angle-open)
Series 2 Box (angle-open)

The boxes featured a visual checklist on the back, and a short write-up on the side (quoted above). The boxes are almost identical in design with only a couple minor changes from Series 1 to Series 2. The main change is that Funko oddly enough changed the "Age 17+" from Series 1 to "Age 3+" for Series 2. The only other noteworthy change is that the first Series box design featured a folded-wrapper image on the top whereas this was dropped for the second Series.

Series 1 Figure Checklist
Series 2 Figure Checklist


There are 12 characters in the Series 1 release, with each figure measuring approximately 3" tall. Below is a hi-res gallery of both the front and back of each figure.

There are 12 characters in the Series 2 release, with each figure measuring approximately 3" tall. Below is a hi-res gallery of both the front and back of each figure.


In addition to the 12 figure set of Series 1 Really Big Mystery Minis, FUNKO also released the “10” Super Sized POP! Adam Bomb” Figure. This figure came in a window-box featuring the same checklist and write-up, but it also included the 30th Anniversary artwork from Joe Simko on one side. Originally advertised in the catalog (image above) as 6”…and on their website as 10”…this figure actually stands 9 1/2”. Below you can see pictures of the packaging, and also a picture that provides a size-comparison between the 10” and the mini.

Super Sized POP! Box (front)
Super Sized POP! Box (back)