May 2020 marked the beginning of a new chapter in collecting GPK as collectors were introduced to GARBAGE PAIL KIDS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN! Met with equal parts excitement and confusion, this new partnership between Topps x WAX certainly shook up the hobby!

The future is here, and thanks to Topps x WAX collectors can now collect Garbage Pail Kids on the Blockchain! Blockchain technology allows collectors to enter a marketplace where they can purchase digital Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, propose and execute trades, showcase their inventory on social media, and search wishlists of other traders.

From their website:

By interacting with digital Garbage Pail Kids trading cards on the WAX Blockchain, anyone can see the details of the cards’ information and trading history. This enables everyone involved to make informed purchases, and trades, with anyone else in the world - instantly. The blockchain records every aspect of every card’s transaction and stores it forever. These blockchain records can’t be changed by anyone, and can be seen by everyone. Therefore, since the blockchain removes all uncertainty, there’s no need to blindly trust another trader.

There is A LOT to learn about digital trading cards...this page will not cover everything, rather is intended to be a high-level introduction to this new way of collecting including pics, info, links, videos, and more!


Digital Garbage Pail Kids have seen a number of different releases over the years. This timeline breaks down when each official release occurred:


Garbage Pail Kids Series 1
GPK Goes Exotic
Crash Gordon
Garbage Pail Kids Series 2




In an effort to create some connection between the traditional card collector and a digital card collector, Topps has made a habit of issuing their digital releases in "packs". These packs vary in terms of not only how many cards are included, but also the odds of pulling the rare and sought-after chase cards

Below are images of the 'Wrappers', as well as a description for each packs released to date:

Since many have never 'opened' a pack, I created this video that shows the process from start to finish. From scrolling to select a pack, to watching the cards 'drop', to viewing them in inventory after's all here!


The GPK on WAX digital cards feature a new GPK banner that is a mix between the 'arched' banner of the 80s, and the 'straight' banner (post-lawsuit). Topps has done a great job taking advantage of the technology available and created some unique and creative 'chase' cards featuring reflections, transitions, and even full-blown animation

Below are pictures and information for some of the 'Chase' cards from the different releases:


Because the idea of Garbage Pail Kids on the Blockchain is new to most collectors I am adding a few helpful videos. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a digital collection, and there are a number of resources out there with just a bit of searching




In addition to the videos above, the following list of links is intended to provide assistance to collectors trying to improve their understanding of digital Garbage Pail Kids. In no way is this list complete, rather it's just a high-level introduction to sites that deal with GPK on the Blockchain:

All-in-all this is a confusing new release from Topps! It has brought a lot of controversy, as many 'traditional' collectors refuse to adapt to a new way of collecting. But consequently it has introduced a number of new people to the hobby who never collected GPK before. Regardless of whether it's for everyone or not, the instant-popularity means it's here to stay, and GeePeeKay will continue to update this site as the digital landscape grows!