In May, 2019 BEELINE CREATIVE pulled off the ultimate surprise by posting this teaser picture to their Instagram page! Even though the image was waaaaaay zoomed-in, there was no doubt collectors would soon be getting an Adam Bomb Geeki Tiki!

From their website:

"Geeki Tikis® is the only line of drinkware that combines pop culture’s most beloved characters with the unique stylization seen in traditional tiki culture"

In hindsight, looking at the killer lineup of licenses that Beeline Creative has on their site, it makes perfect sense to release a line of Garbage Pail Kids Tiki Mugs... but this still came as a huge surprise to fans. The teases would continue throughout the year in anticipation of their ultimate release at NYCC in October, 2019!

To date there have been a total of SIX Tiki Mugs released from Beeline Creative. This page provides not only detailed pictures and information about the Garbage Pail Kids Geeki Tikis, but also includes links to purchase them!



The initial line-up for Garbage Pail Kids Geeki Tikis consists of the three different character-mugs pictured above: Bony Tony, Adam Bomb, and Leaky Lindsay


The second line-up for Garbage Pail Kids Geeki Tikis consists of the three different character-mugs pictured above: Hot Scott, Nasty Nick, and Grim Jim

Crafted from durable ceramic, these mugs feature detailed sculpting and painting on all sides, and range in size from 22 to 24 oz. Most of the mugs are made from a single piece of ceramic, but Adam Bomb features a removable mushroom cloud and straw-hole

Above is a look at all sides of the Bony Tony mug that features detailed sculpting, accent painting, and a dark black interior color. These mugs are the perfect addition to any GPK (and/or Tiki Mug!) collection!


The packaging for the Garbage Pail Kids Geeki Tikis sticks with the popular (and familiar!) brilliant blue color similar to the 80s merchandise from Imperial Toy Corp (and more recently with FYE)

Each mug comes individually packaged in a cardboard box. The Tony and Lindsay mugs come in display boxes that are open on the front, whereas Adam comes enclosed in a box (to allow for additional packaging and protection for his separate mushroom cloud piece)

The sides of the boxes do not really include any informative text, but above are some promo images that were put together that include some high-level information about the mugs


As mentioned above, the official release of these Garbage Pail Kids Geeki Tikis took place at the New York Comic Con in October, 2019. The buzz surrounding the release was HUGE, and collectors couldn't wait to get their hands on them!

And if the excitement for the mugs wasn't big enough, Beeline Creative announced a series of three cards that would accompany any purchase at the convention! The artwork for all three cards was done by Joe Simko

Collectors making a purchase at the convention would receive one card per mug, and also had the opportunity to purchase a giant 11" x 17" promo poster during the Joe Simko autograph session!

Also pictured above is the TOYNK advertisement that featured the Geeki Tikis. These were available for free to collectors attending the convention

Now that you know everything there is to know about these Garbage Pail Kids Geeki Tikis, why not head over and BUY ONE up for your collection!? CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to be taken to the Beeline Creative Store where you can support fun projects like this by purchasing some amazing GPK Tiki Mugs!!

Supplies are limited...DON'T DELAY!