From the very first glimpse of a 'GPK' logo hiding on the SUPER7 mascot collectors KNEW they were in for a treat! Little did they know it would ultimately become one of the most controversial (and confusing) releases to date!

To be clear, the product released by Super7 is without-question one of the best Garbage Pail Kids releases. Ever. The problem has been the confusion and chaos surrounding the distribution, which has ultimately tainted collectors view of the release

When first-teased, Super7 gave EVERY indication this was going to be an exclusive release for SDCC (even using the word "exclusive" a half-dozen times in their promo posts)...however it didn't take long to see how insane collectors were about the product. The demand was unparalleled, and prices were shooting into the hundreds immediately upon release. Super7 ultimately abandoned the "exclusive to SDCC" plan and never really addressed this issue (or at least not well). To date they have released FOUR different print runs of the same cards.

This page provides pictures and detailed information about the line of Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters merchandise from Super7


In addition to the number of social media posts leading up to the San Diego Comic Con, there were two pieces of physical advertising created. Topps released a 5" x 7" postcard detailing all of their release information, including the Universal Monsters release. Super7 produced a 'mini-newspaper' ad for their Boodega event that included a picture of the collaboration

Topps Promo
5" x 6.5"
Super7 Promo
11" x 17" (2-sided)


Below is a gallery of the Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters set from Super7. All artwork for the set (cards/packaging/etc.) was completed by Joe Simko.

The a-names ("Garbage Pail") are sticker-cards, and feature traditional GPK character names, a 'PEEL HERE' arrow, and puzzle cards on the backs. The 12 card puzzle features the artwork for 10a Bridey Heidi.

The The b-names ("Creepy Classics") are thick cardboard cards, and feature the artwork in black and white with names referring specifically to the Universal Monsters. The backs of the b-name cards contain an old-school poster and two checklist cards (Wolf Man - green, Dracula - red)

Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: July, 2019
  • CARD NUMBERS: 1b-12b
  • BASE SET: 24 (12 stickers, 12 cards)
  • VARIATION SET: 72 (36 stickers, 36 cards)
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Master Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: Even though there have been FOUR print-runs of the cards, there are only THREE versions to collect. The first and second print runs are easy to differentiate when IN their wrappers, as even though they are both pink, the Super7 logo is in different places (see the packaging section below). Identifying the first and second print run cards when loose is a bit harder, but when comparing them it is easy to tell that the first print cards/stickers were made with thicker stock
    The cards in the Green (3rd) and Blue (4th) print runs are identical, and feature the "* *" on the backs
  • As mentioned above, Super7 added two asterisks to the back of the cards to differentiate from the intial printing. Super7 states they are on the second and third printing, but in-fact they are on the third and fourth printings. Below is a comparison of all four print runs for the back of card 2b:
1st printing | 2nd printing | 3rd printing | 4th printing


BECAUSE this release was so confusing (wait until you get to the packaging below!) I have gone ahead and created an image containing ALL the print run information for EACH release!

You can click the image to enlarge it, or if you really want to study it you can download a hi-res version by clicking HERE


2nd printing (left) & 1st printing (right)

Below are pictures and information relating to the various packaging options for the Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters release from Super7. There are four main wrappers to collect from the various print runs. Note the different Super7 logo placement on the first two pink wrappers differentiating the first printing (SDCC) from the 2nd printing.

1st printing
2nd printing
2nd printing
(all white)

Also included in this gallery are examples of 'error' wrappers that have been discovered. The plate used for the pink wrappers was slowly wearing away and went unnoticed until after packing. This resulted in the creature varying between all-green on the correct wrapper to all-white on the variation wrapper (and a number of variations between).

Also included as an error showing a misregistered-print wrapper where the plate/paper were not aligned properly resulting in a strange one-off

2nd printing
3rd printing
4th printing

Below are pictures of the four boxes produced for the Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters release from Super7. The two pink boxes (1st printing and 2nd printing) feature very subtle differences: 1st print are a slightly darker shade and made of a slightly thicker material than the 2nd print boxes

1st printing box (top)
2nd printing box (top)
3rd printing box (top)
4th printing box (top)


The only merchandise available for the Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters release from Topps and Super7 was a number of T-shirts sold at Super7 and/or Hot Topic. Below are pictures of the various styles available to collect

Creature (blue) from Super7
Creepy Classics from Super7

Freaky FRANK from Hot Topic
Black & White from Hot Topic
Drac ZAC from Hot Topic

Hot Topic also sold a version of the 'Creature' shirt in a lighter shade of blue and without the tag on the front seam