Spain released a version of Garbage Pail Kids called LA PANDILLA BASURA that included multiple series of cards and collector albums

Spain released their own version of Garbage Pail Kids called La Pandilla Basura.

Roughly translated, 'La Pandilla Basura' means 'The Trash Gang' in English.

A number of different series were released in 1989, but unlike other countries, there has been no rebirth or new release in the 2000s.

As is typical with the foreign releases of Garbage Pail Kids, Spain released a series of albums to accompany their sticker releases. These albums feature numerous pages that are for the collector to peel and stick their Garbage Pail Kids stickers (or in this case glue the cards to the pages). They also feature advertisements and information for other products.

Below are pictures and information of most La Pandilla Basura releases, some of which are extremely rare and hard to find.


Examples of the various stickers and cards from the Spain Garbage Pail Kids releases:

Series 1 Sticker (front)
Series 1 Sticker (back)
SuperPop Card (front)
SuperPop Card (back)

Series 1 Vending Card (front)
Series 1 Vending Card (back)
Series 2 Card (front)
Series 2 Card (back)

The cards below are called 'Boletos' in Spanish (which translates to 'tickets' in English), and the distribution/selling of these cards is not a legal business. The selling of these Boletos presents a huge problem for Spain, as the people selling the cards do not pay taxes to the state…nor do they run a legitimate business. Cards are printed with a variety of different images (like the Garbage Pail Kids below), and are distributed at Kiosks and merchant stands in town. If they have a number on the inside, then you win a prize! The problem is, often times the men selling the Boletos will only put one or two winners (or none) in a giant bag. These cards are extremely ‘bootleg’, and represent an ugly side of society...basically a Garbage Pail Kid Lottery Ticket (but they are still a cool collectible to add to a collection!)

Boletos (sealed)
Boletos (open-front)
Boletos (open-back)


The main La Pandilla Basura releases were Series 1, Series 2, and the SuperPop cards. Below are examples of wrappers from the Spain Garbage Pail Kids releases. The packs in Spain were 'double-packs' as opposed to the standard packaging seen in every other country.

Series 1 Double-pack (front)
Series 1 Double-pack (back)

Series 2 Double-pack (front)
Series 2 Double-pack (back)

SuperPop Double-pack (front)
SuperPop Double-pack (back)


A popular inclusion in foreign Garbage Pail Kids releases is an album to put the cards and stickers in. These albums featured dozens of pages full of unique artwork inside, as well as a variety of advertisements and information. Below are the albums from the Spain Garbage Pail Kids releases:

Series 1 Album (front)
Series 1 Album (back)
Series 1 Vending Machine Album (back)

SuperPop Album (front)
SuperPop Album (front variation)
SuperPop Album (back)

Series 2 Album (front)
Series 2 Album (back)


Below are scans of a FULL SuperPop album from Spain, meaning this album has every sticker placed in the appropriate location. The La Pandilla Basura Super Pop release was distributed throughout Spain in late 1989. Each page in the album holds four cards, ane there are 56 cards to a full set. The empty album and 10 cards were included free with the purchase of 'Revista Super Pop magazine #301' (below). The images below were graciously provided by Tom Light


One of the most rare (and popular) items from the La Pandilla Basura release is the SuperPop album that is pictured and referenced above. This album differed from regular collectible albums in the fact it was not sold individually, rather included inside the SuperPop magazines. As mentioned above, the album and 10 cards were included inside Issue #301, and issues #302, and 304-307 included two packs of stickers in each. The cards are just shy of the original US card size, with only 4 cards per page it makes this album very small. Below are pictures of the SEVEN magazine issues that included the SuperPop album and cards:

SuperPop 301 (front)
SuperPop 302 (front)
SuperPop 304 (front)

SuperPop 305 (front)
SuperPop 306 (front)
SuperPop 307 (front)

Collector Henry Mora was kind enough to take (and share) a picture of a SuperPOP album, Magazine #301, and a sample pack of two cards included with magazines 302, 304-307. The picture (below) does a great job depicting the scale of this rare (and fun!) foreign collectible:

SuperPop Album, Magazine #301, 2-pack of Stickers

Another fun item related to the SuperPop magazine were a couple different Garbage Pail Kids posters. There are a total of two different posters: one large (centerfold-style), and one smaller version. Here is an image of the larger poster:

SuperPop 2-page Poster (front)
SuperPop 1-page Poster (front)


Spain released multiple different series back in the late 80s. Below is a timeline that provides a glimpse at not only when a particular series was released, but also how many stickers were included as part of that release.


La Pandilla Basura Series 1
La Pandilla Basura Vending Machine Cards
La Pandilla Basura SuperPop


La Pandilla Basura Series 2