Russia released a version of Garbage Pail Kids called DETI OTBROSY that included multiple inserts and a collector album.

Russia released their own version of Garbage Pail Kids called Deti Otbrosy. This rare (and almost unheard of) release happened during the last quarter of 2009.

The release is a standard 'Merlin' release and bares strong resemblance to a number of other European Garbage Pail Kids releases.

As is typical with the foreign releases of Garbage Pail Kids, Russia released an album to accompany the sticker release. This album features numerous pages that are for the collector to peel and stick their Garbage Pail Kids stickers. They also feature advertisements and information for other products.

This release matched the previous 2004 UK All New Series Garbage Pail Kids Sticker Album set

Below are pictures and information of the Russian release...including stickers, wrappers, box, and more


Examples of stickers from the Russia Garbage Pail Kids release are pictured below. The Russian set consists of 181 base cards (1-181) and 11 bonus cards (G1-G11). Of the 192 total stickers in the set, 32 of them were 'Foil' stickers

Base Sticker (front)
Base Sticker (back)
Foil Sticker (front)
Foil Sticker (back)


Examples of wrappers from the Russia Garbage Pail Kids release are pictured below. Each pack contained five stickers (four base cards and one foil)

Series 1 (front)
Series 1 (back)


The Russia Garbage Pail Kids box is pictured below. The box contained 50 packs of stickers for a total of 200 base set stickers, and 50 foil stickers

Box (angle)


Examples of album from the Russia Garbage Pail Kids release that contained pages with specific spaces for each sticker in the set:

Sticker Album (front)
Sticker Album (back)


To date Russia has only released one series, so the timeline is fairly simple. Below is a glimpse at not only when the series was released, but also how many stickers were included as part of that release.


'Deti Otbrosy' Series 1