France released a version of Garbage Pail Kids called LES CRADOS that included multiple series, merchandise, and collector albums.

France released their own version of Garbage Pail Kids called Les Crados.

Two original series were released in 1989, followed by a second installment (All New) in 2004.

As is typical with the foreign releases of Garbage Pail Kids, France released a series of albums to accompany their sticker releases. These albums feature numerous pages that are for the collector to peel and stick their Garbage Pail Kids stickers. They also feature advertisements and information for other products.

France also released GPK-themed merchandise to accompany the sticker series...highlighted by a tapes and records, and a series of collectible pins (below).


Examples of stickers from the France Garbage Pail Kids releases:

Series 1 Sticker (front)
Series 1 Sticker (back)
Series 1 Puzzle (front)
Series 1 Puzzle (back)

Series 1 Sticker (front)
Series 1 Sticker (back)


The main Les Crados releases were Series 1 (1988), Gum Wrappers (1989), Series 2 (1989), and All New Series (2004). Below are examples of stickers from the France Garbage Pail Kids releases:

Series 1 (front)
Series 1 (back)
Series 2 (front)
Series 2 (back)

Gum Wrappers (front)
All New Series (front)
All New Series (back)


A popular inclusion in foreign Garbage Pail Kids releases is an album to put the stickers in. These albums featured dozens of pages full of unique artwork inside, as well as a variety of advertisements and information. Below are galleries featuring some of the albums from the France Garbage Pail Kids releases:





Over the years there have been dozens of books and magazines released in France containing Les Crados, however, to the surprise of almost everyone, new Les Crados magazines appeared on store shelves in France in April 2017. These magazines contained articles, games, and sheets of Les Crados trading cards


Often times countries would release Garbage Pail Kid-themed merchandise with their sticker sets. These products varied greatly in terms of quality, but they are typically some of the most sought-after pieces to collect.

One of the most popular items from the Les Crados release is the album and cassette. These (of course) featured Norman on the front and featured the official Les Crados song. It should be noted that there are TWO versions of the album to collect, a 12" and 7"

LP (front)
LP (back)


Released in France in 1989 as part of their Les Crados foreign release, the Beurk board game echoed the look and feel of many popular board games at the time. The game consisted of a game board, player cards, score sheets, pawns, a red pencil (with cap!), and more. Below are a couple images of the board game.

Board Game Box

Game Board

As mentioned above, there was a deck of cards included with the game. These were part of the gameplay, but also featured Garbage Pail Kids characters on the cards. Below is a gallery of all the cards included with the game

An obscure part of the French Les Crados release was a set of seven pins. These pins featured various characters from the first few original series on the front...and were secured by the standard pin-back fastener on the back. From a design perspective, these were highly glorified versions of the images, complete with lots of added gold accents, etc. They were sold in stores on a large cardboard cutout of Explorin' Norman, who is basically the 'mascot' of Les Crados (similar to Adam Bomb in the United States).

Countertop Display

In addition to the pins there was also a series of badges for collectors to collect. A complete set of badges contains 36 different characters.


Artist/Collector Greg Treize was kind enough to share some checklists he created for the Les Crados releases...and after a little tweaking to make them match the format of my other GeePeeKay printable checklists, they are now available for everyone to print and use! Simply click on the images below to open the checklists in a new tab!


France released multiple different series over the span of four decades. Below is a timeline that provides a glimpse at not only when a particular series was released, but also how many stickers were included as part of that release.


Les Crados Series 1
Les Crados Series 2
Les Crados Gum Wrappers


All New Series