A number of different Garbage Pail Kids have been released in Colombia over the years. Although there tends to be some debate about the legitimacy of the numerous sets, there are enough pictures and sets in collectors hands to get them added here. In addition to various sets featuring the typical GPK banner, the most recent examples are the MUGROSITOS KIDS and PUERQUITOS KIDS.

Colombia released a number of different series of Garbage Pail Kids. First was a set of Garbage Pail Kids characters under the famililar Garbage Pail Kids banner, followed by a 'mini' set. Most of these early releases are pretty rough and appear to be put together without much thought, which leads to the term 'bootleg' being tossed around.

Later releases however were a bit more legitimate having been released by World Play. First, in 2006, was Mugrositos Kids. Mugrositos Kids translates loosely to "Filthy Kids". This release consisted of one series (complete with album).

This release was followed by Puerquitos Kids in 2008...translating loosely to "Little Pig Kids", and also included an album with the release.

Most of these releases were different than other foreign releases in the fact they were small. VERY SMALL.

And because it is difficult to explain just HOW SMALL these stickers are it is helpful to see them next to a standard 2.5" x 3.5" Garbage Pail Kids sticker. This image shows a United States sticker and a Colombian sticker scanned in side-by-side:

Below you will find images and information on all of the Garbage Pail Kids releases from Colombia, including a helpful timeline that attempts to detail exactly 'when' each release occurred.


Below are examples of cards from the Colombia Garbage Pail Kids releases. The first image is believed to be from the first (Series 1) release, which was standard size. The rest of the images are from the more recent (small) releases.

Series 1 (front)

Mugrositos Kids (front)
Mugrositos Kids (back)
Puerquitos Kids (front)
Puerquitos Kids (back)


Below are examples of wrappers from the various Colombia Garbage Pail Kids releases. All wrappers from the Colombian releases appear to have been folded like a small package (top down, bottom up, sides in). The first image is what an unfolded wrapper looks like, followed by images from the various releases:

Series 1 Wrapper (flat)

Series 1 (front)
Series 1 (back)
Mugrositos (front)
Mugrositos (back)
Puerquitos (front)
Puerquitos (back)


Examples of different albums from the Colombia Garbage Pail Kids releases. There are images floating around of numerous albums from Colombia, but these are the ones that are most commonly associated with Colombian Garbage Pail Kids.

Mini (front)
Mini (back)

Mugrositos Kids (front)
Mugrositos Kids (back)

Puerquitos Kids (front)
Puerquitos Kids (back)


Below are scans of FULL albums from Colombia, meaning these albums have every sticker placed in the appropriate location. The Graffiti Petey cover album has a Base set of 162 stickers, whereas the GPK/TCT album contains the same 162 sticker set, yet has a different cover, and includes 2 central pages containing 36 Trash Can Trolls. The images below were graciously provided by Tom Light


Colombia released multiple different series over the span of three decades. Below is a timeline that provides a glimpse at not only when a particular series was released, but also how many stickers were included as part of that release. It should be noted that it is not certain exactly when the earliest series were released, so for the time being I have just noted the number of stickers believed to be a complete set, and a '????' for the date.


Colombia Series 1
Colombia Mini


Mugrositos Kids


Puerquitos Kids