Below is a gallery for the HORRORIBLE KIDS parody sets that have been created by MARK PINGITORE. To date there have been a total of three different releases in this series parodying Horror Movie icons from both past and present



Following on the success of the Disasters set of stickers Mark released HORRORIBLE KIDS to fans in the fall of 2016 and the result was the same! Below is a gallery of the stickers in the series:


October 2017 was the perfect time for another batch of horror-themed-kiddos, so fittingly Mark released HORRORIBLE KIDS SERIES 2. This set contained nine additional characters based on scary movies:


In August, 2018, Magic Marker Art released their biggest series to date. Horrorible Kids Series 3 not only included more characters than the previous two releases, it was also the first series to be released in packs and boxes! Along with the new characters, collectors were also treated to their favorite characters in Series 1 and 2 with an all new banner, improved print quality, card backs, and more! Check 'em out below:


In August, 2019, Mark released yet another monstrous series to collectors! Horrorible Kids Series 4 introduced 45 new characters on 90 die-cut sticker cards...and they came packaged in brand new packs and boxes. Such an incredible accomplishment, this release instantly became a fan-fave!


In addition to the popular sets of stickers displayed above, Mark has released some fun goodies based on his Horrorible Kids characters. Below are images of some of the items available for purchase in his store

Enamel Pins
11" x 17" Posters

S3 Promo Ad
S4 Promo Ad

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