One of the most popular Garbage Pail Kids artists from the All New Series eventually branched out and created his own brand: LUIS DIAZ ART. Whether it was for Topps, or his own unique line of parody cards, Luis has spent the past decade creating some of the most iconic GPK-inspired artwork around.

Topps brought in a number of new artists to work on the All New Series releases between 2003 and 2007...and it's safe to say that none of them captured the look and feel of Original Series Garbage Pail Kids better than Luis Diaz. Combining his ridiculous artistic talent with a love of classic GPK resulted in some of the most memorable stickers since the 80s.


Below are a few of the more popular Garbage Pail Kids characters Luis painted for Topps during the All New Series releases. It's easy to see why he was such a popular artist amongst fans!

After the All New Series Luis decided to break free from the constraints of working directly for Topps, and ventured out on his own. This new-found freedom resulted in a number of unique parody card sets, custom art prints, sketchbooks, and more.

The most popular and sought-after work to come out of Luis Diaz Art is the Gavage Parody Kids. This parody card set is comprised of over 60 unique characters with at least three variations per card...and it is still growing! The care and passion put into this set is easy to see, as Luis personally prints, cuts, sorts, and packages each release himself. And the quality of the cards is unparalleled in the world of parody card sets. The colors are bold and bright...the names are fun and creative...and the subject-matter of the cards is a wonderful combination of characters ranging from trending news stories to classic toylines and characters from the 1980s.

Perhaps it's best to let the images speak for themselves...



Series 1 contains a total of 117 base cards (1-36) that feature a, b, c and sometimes d number variations


Series 2 contains a total of 87 base cards (37-60) and counting that feature a, b, c and sometimes d number variations


Over the years Luis has produced a robust gallery of Garbage Pail Kids inspired artwork. At his store LD sells a number of unique pieces of art. From $10 prints to limited edition signed artwork to sketch cards (and more)...there is something for everyone! Here are a couple examples of the amazing prints Luis has produced over the years:

VAL Kyrie - Robotech Parody
TIM Wolf - MICHAEL J. Wolf


Luis is very active on social media, posting pictures of his artwork or even offering up sale prices on his store! Here are a couple of links to help you keep tabs on everything related to Luis Diaz Art:

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