One of the strongest appeals to parody items is the simple fact that they are (generally) produced by individuals that absolutely LOVE Garbage Pail Kids, and want to show their love by creating a unique product. Perhaps the best example of this type of love and dedication is the F**KED UP KIDS. F.U.K. are a true product of social networking, having been compiled, organized, advertised, and sold on Instagram.

This set is the brainchild of RenOneLab, a serious Garbage Pail Kids fan and admittedly-addicted fan of stickers in general. He took it upon himself to round up the various artists, compile the artwork, print the stickers, package 'em up, and send them out! Talk about a labor of love!

RenOne has released multiple series and there's no sign of 'em stopping so keep coming back for more fun updates!


To be clear, most of the cards in these series are WAAAAAAAY NSFW so I have chosen to keep things PG-13 here and just post some of the more 'safe' examples. If you want to see more then hit up RenOne and buy a set!


Each F.U.K. Series comes in a unique wrapper. All wrappers feature a simple design with a large RenOne Minion in the middle. The material has shifted throughout the releases, ranging from brown paper to official wax packs.

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4