If there were ever to be a competition for "King of 80s Nostalgia", you can rest assured that 8-BIT ZOMBIE would be an odds-on favorite to win. Seriously, from Pee Wee Herman to Castlevania to Garbage Pail Kids, 8bZ is a true master.

The 8-bit Zombie website does such a good job summing up exactly what they are about, it makes sense to just copy it here:

8BZ is all about nostalgia. If you, like us, were a child of the 80's, then look no further. We never grew out of the video games, movies, cartoons and toys of that era. Our passion for the past is what drives 8-bit ZOMBIE. We work hard to bring you the most unique tributes to the raddest decade there ever was. From tees to tanks to hats and shades, we've got you covered.

Below are just a few examples of how 8-bit Zombie has used their love of Garbage Pail Kids to create some truly unique (and AMAZINGLY HIGH QUALITY) parody products!



One thing that really sets 8-bit Zombie apart from the rash of other parody products out there is a laser-focus attention to detail. It's refreshing to know that someone out there cares as much about the almighty-GPK as I do...and that is evident in every aspect of their products. From the high-gloss finish on the stickers, to the bunch of fun 80s goodies that thrown into each shipment, to the badass custom boxes and poster tubes...each order is guaranteed to satisfy (not to mention arrive quickly!)

Box & Poster Tube (example)


Hopefully you now understand that NO Garbage Pail Kids collection can be considered complete without some of these fantastic products.

So...here's how you remedy the situation...HEAD ON OVER TO THEIR STORE AND BUY TONS OF GOODIES! As an added incentive, the 8-bit Zombie website is an absolute blast in-itself...and just oozing 80s-goodness from every corner.

8-BIT ZOMBIE STORE: click here to buy stuff!

8-Bit Zombie hanging proudly in GEEPEEKAY HQ