• MADE BY: The Wallets were produced and released by Ollin - Super Wally
  • MANUFACTURED IN: According to their website, the Wallets are produced under Fair Trade and Sweatshop free practices in Mexico
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: There is no copyright date on the Wallets, but these were first spotted online back in 2016
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each Wallet measures 4" x 3 1/4" when folded closed
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of wallets consists of 6 different character combinations

The Super Wally wallets from Ollin are an extremely random Garbage Pail Kids collectible. They were never advertised...they were difficult to locate...and they seemed to appear and disappear without much fuss from fans.

What's even more strange is that (aside from the obvious GPK images being used) there is no Topps, Inc. copyright information on the packaging or wallet itself. This makes the wallets appear as if they are not an officially licensed product, even though most believe they are in fact official.

Regardless, they are a fun addition to any collection - and feature some of the most popular GPK images from the 80s. In fact, this is the only merchandise I can think of that incorporated characters from the Garbage Pail Kids Posters and Giant 5x7 cards in their design!

Below are images of how the wallets come packaged...folded through a piece of cardboard with a paper ribbon slid on to keep it closed. Each wallet contains "1 large pocket for cash, 1 large pocket for receipts, and 2 pockets for business/credit cards". And even though they are paper thin, and made of recyclable material, they are in fact 'super strong'!

Wallet (front)
Wallet (back)

Wallet (inside)

As mentioned above there are a total of SIX different variations for the Garbage Pail Kids Wallets. Aside from the images the wallets are identical, and feature the same number of pockets, etc.

Below is a gallery that shows the front and back of each variation:

Sometimes the obscure and random releases are the most fun to collect, and the Garbage Pail Kids wallets from Ollin definitely fit in that category. Although they are no longer distributed on their website, they can still be found second hand for a price that won't necessarily break the bank (but it will leave you with less cash to store in your new wallet!)