• MADE BY: The Silly Bands ('Collect-A-Bands') were produced and released by Dizzy Heights Entertainment
  • MANUFACTURED IN: The Silly Bands were manufactured in China
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the Silly Bands packaging reads 2010
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each Silly Bands package measures 3 1/2" x 7" (wxh)
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of Silly Bands consists of 8 different shapes

Not since the 80's, when Garbage Pail Kids were at their prime, has a craze taken over Elementary School children the way Silly Bands have. These colorful rubber bracelets (often referred to as 'Silly Bandz' or 'Collect-a-Bands') come in 100's of different shapes - and thankfully Topps, Inc. understood the importance of this craze and jumped on board with a set of Garbage Pail Gang Silly Bands!

Available in eight different shapes (in eight different colors) these bracelets are part of the craze that is dominating news stories - and principal's offices - during the fall of 2010. Below are images of not only the packaging and bracelet designs, but another treat as on!

Starting with the bracelet shapes. Each image is only available in one color (sadly). This limits the collect-ability of the bracelets...but thankfully makes them easily recognizable to children. Here are the eight shapes and colors offered to children and collectors:

Garbage Pail

Toilet Paper

The packaging is fairly straightforward - and consistent with the Collect-a-Bands products offered by Dizzy Heights Entertainment. It consists of a mylar bag that is sealed with adhesive on the back. The packaging displays the images of some famous Garbage Pail Kids characters - as well as the shapes/names of the bracelets on the back of the packaging.

Obviously, one of the first things people notice about the product is that it's called 'Garbage Pail Gang', which is the name used in a number of European sticker/product releases, as opposed to the standard 'Kids' name used in the United States.

To date there is no definitve reason for this change...and I will update once a legitimate reason comes to light. Here are a front and back shot of the packaging...containing 24 different bracelets. (Note: each package contains EXACTLY 3 complete sets).

Unopened Package (front)
Unopened Package (back)

Perhaps my favorite part about this hobby is that it's reached 'Garbage-Pail-Kids- Coolness' in my children's school......that's right, it's been officially banned!! Deemed too much of a distraction, these bracelets are no longer allowed at my children's elementary school. Luckily, I was able to purchase the Garbage Pail Gang bands in time for my son to trade some with his friends and spread the word prior to them being banned.

And because it cracks me up to look at it...I thought I'd share the 'Official Communication' with my loyal fans. Behold, the school's attempt at laying down the law:

Silly Band Restriction Notice @ my children's Elementary School