• MADE BY: The Buttons were produced and released by Topps, Inc.
  • MANUFACTURED IN: The Buttons from Topps were manufactured in Ashland, OH
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the Buttons packaging reads 1986
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of Buttons consists of 24 different variations

One of the most widely distributed merchandise releases from Topps, Inc. were the Garbage Pail Kids 'Buttons'. The buttons were made to resemble the shape of an actual GPK sticker if it were peeled from it's backing. The buttons featured a character from either Series 1 or Series 2 on the front, and a simple white background and pin clasp on the back.

These buttons were sold in two different size counter boxes: 36ct and 72ct. The 36ct box featured buttons in clear bags with NO price on the bags. The 72ct box featured buttons in clear bags with 99cents on the bags. Other than this variation, the buttons are identical. Most collectors will consider 12 a complete set, however, here you can see all 24 (12 with the price, and 12 without).


As mentioned above, there was a total of 2 box variations for this series. I own one of the 72ct boxes and it contains 72 unopened buttons. The following code is located on the bottom of the box: 503. I have opened a number of these boxes, and as far as I can tell, an equal number of each button was placed into the boxes. This meant that if you bought a new 72ct box, you could make 6 complete sets of the buttons.

Box (top)
Box (angle)
Box (open)

Button (back) & Checklist



Squeeze Me!
Bless You!
Drop Dead!
Radio Active!

Hot Stuff!

PRODUCT IMAGES (w/o price)

Mutant! (w/o price)
Smile! (w/o price)
Gross! (w/o price)
Awesome! (w/o price)

Squeeze Me! (w/o price)
Bless You! (w/o price)
Drop Dead! (w/o price)
Radio Active! (w/o price)

Bad! (w/o price)
Ouch! (w/o price)
Fresh! (w/o price)
Hot Stuff! (w/o price)