• MADE BY: The Key Chains were produced and released by the Imperial Toy Corporation
  • PRODUCT NUMBER: Key Chains are listed as 'No. 7285' in the Imperial Toy catalog
  • MANUFACTURED IN: All Imperial toys, including Key Chains, were manufactured in Taiwan
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the Key Chains packaging reads 1986
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of Key Chains consists of 24 different Garbage Pail Kids characters

Below is a scan of the Key Chains section from the 1986 Imperial Toy Catalog which includes detailed product information and item descriptions:

Key Chains Product Details

There are 24 different Key Chains in a complete set, featuring a total of 48 different OS1 and OS2 characters. The Key Chains are the exact same product/character-breakdown as the Zipper Pulls with a key ring in the place of the clip. They featured different characters on the front and back of the plastic rectangle. Copyright information was featured on the back of the Key Chains.

Key Chain (front & back)

Unfortunately they don't photograph well in the bag, since the bag has been beat up and is in fairly bad shape after years of wear and tear - but I decided to leave them sealed in the bag. Any 'scuff' marks, etc you see in the images below is on the bag and not on the plastic. Key Chains were one of the few products released from Imperial Toy that did NOT come on a blue cardboard backing, and were instead just sold in a plastic tub.