Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: July, 2015
  • SUBSET: n/a
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Master Checklist
  • INFORMATION: There were many different Relic cards for the 30th Anniversary Series. This page is intended to serve as an example of what these different Relic cards look like to help collectors and their collections.
    An Artist Shirt Relic featured a little patch of t-shirt from a GPK artist and were inserted into 1:28 Collector's Edition packs.
    A Pen Relic was a super-thick card that featured a cross-section of a pen lid (presumably used to draw GPK), and these were inserted into 1:2543 Collector's Edition packs. These cards were all 1/1 and only 19 total cards were produced making them extremely rare.
    There were two different Stamp Relics from the i Mitici Sgorbions Italy release. Collectors can look for a large stamp relic, and a smaller (horizontal) stamp relic...both were found in 1:115 Collector's Edition packs. These were also 1/1 and a total of 384 were produced.