• RELEASE DATE: January 11, 2023
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-15a and 1b-15b
  • BASE SET: 30 cards
  • COMPLETE SET: 45 (30 base cards, 15 c-name) *
  • PRICE: There were two ways to purchase this release. Each single-pack box could be purchased individually for $24.99, or an 8-pack box could be purchased for $194.99
  • INFORMATION: After a popular release of Series 1, Topps went back for seconds with their MLB x GPK collaboration...this time with artist Alex Pardee. From their website: "Garbage Pail Kids and Major League Baseball are back! Now, esteemed artist Alex Pardee reimagines some of the biggest MLB stars, in his trademark style, as part of the hilarious Garbage Pail Kids universe. Look out for all 15 players, in addition to a slew of collectible parallels, can’t-miss inserts, and even autographs from Alex himself!"

    And was there ever a 'slew' of parallels and inserts! Check this list (* that yes, makes it impossible to get a complete set, and why I labeled the complete set as just the 'a', 'b', and 'c' card for 1-15)
    Base Card Parallels
    - SILVER Foil Border cards no #
    - RAINBOW Foil Border cards numbered /250
    - BASEBALL STITCHING Foil Border cards numbered /199
    - PINK Foil Border cards numbered /99
    - GREEN Foil Border cards numbered /75
    - ORANGE Foil Border cards numbered /50
    - BLUE Foil Border cards numbered /25
    - PURPLE Foil Border cards numbered /10
    - RED Foil Border cards numbered /5
    - GOLD Foil Border cards numbered /1
    - Alex Pardee ARTIST PORTRAIT A and B Name 1:5 packs
    - Alex Pardee ARTIST AUTOGRAPH A and B Name 1:120
    - C NAME 15 subjects 1:10
    - NO NAME 15 subjects 1:16
    - WRAPPER ART 15 subjects 1:40
    - Rare “BASEBALL GUY” Pencil Drawing 1 subjects 1:100
  • PACKAGING: As mentioned above, there were two different boxes for this release. The 'small' box contained one silver foil pack, and the larger (yet still small) box contained eight silver foil packs

  • PRINT RUN: Topps did not announce a print run for this release