• RELEASE DATE: October 10, 2022
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-15a and 1b-15b
  • BASE SET: 30 cards
  • COMPLETE SET: 45 (30 base cards, 15 c-name) *
  • CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a 2022 Online Exclusives checklist
  • PRICE: There were two ways to purchase this release. Each single-pack box could be purchased individually for $19.99, or a 5-pack box could be purchased for $95
  • INFORMATION: After flirting with the idea back in 2015, Topps went all-in on a MLB x GPK collaboration. From their website: "Garbage Pail Kids meets Major League Baseball! Topps has tapped renowned artist Keith Shore to create a set of GPK characters inspired by your favorite MLB players. This incredibly unique collection is sold in packs of six cards, with a slew of parallels to collect."

    And was there ever a 'slew' of parallels and inserts! Check this list (* that yes, makes it impossible to get a complete set, and why I labeled the complete set as just the 'a', 'b', and 'c' card for 1-15)
    Base Card Parallels
    - SILVER Foil Border cards numbered /150
    - RAINBOW Foil Border cards numbered /99
    - GREEN Foil Border cards numbered /75
    - ORANGE Foil Border cards numbered /50
    - BLUE Foil Border cards numbered /25
    - PURPLE Foil Border cards numbered /10
    - RED Foil Border cards numbered /5
    - GOLD LAVA Foil Border cards numbered /1
    - Keith Shore PORTRAIT A and B Name 1:10
    - C Names 15 subjects /150
    - Keith Shore Artist Autographs A and B Name 1:50

    And if all that ^ wasn't enough, Topps also later sold PLAYER Autograph cards on their website. The cards were available for 7 days (or until sold out), and - of course - came in different parallel borders: Green /99, Blue /49, Purple /25, Red /10, Orange /5, and Gold 1/1. The pricing varied based on border and player - with the low being $199.99, and the high being $149.99. Below is a gallery of the Bobby Witt Jr. Player auto cards, including the prices they sold for on the Topps website:

    Topps also later sold Artist Proof cards /49 as part of the (overall) release
  • PACKAGING: As mentioned above, there were two different boxes for this release. The 'small' box contained one silver foil pack, and the larger (yet still small) box contained five silver foil packs

  • PRINT RUN: Topps did not announce a print run for this release